Valheim Advanced Tips and Tricks Don’t Survive Dominate

Stack Wood outside

The best use of the Woodstock isn’t to actually just you know stack wood outside your house or anything like that the best part of it is actually to run around as you’re cutting trees and throw down the stacks when your inventory gets full so as your inventory gets full you throw down the wood stack and then you come back later with a cart so you can keep moving and keep farming that is actually hands-down the best use of it you can see we stacked a bunch and we would just repeat this process as we went and there you go you just kind of free up your inventory especially before you have pre-belt right so you haven’t found the trailer yet you don’t have a lot of inventory space just throw that down come back later with the cart just grab the camera and then you just middle mess up that you don’t even need to craft your table nearby so that is hands down the best use of the wood stack one of the absolutely.

Early Game Weapons

The best early game weapons at valheim are is the stag breaker this thing is actually pretty silly it is an aoe weapon that does you know aoe damage right it is mostly blunt a little bit of piercing only takes five deer trophies and does an AoE knockback as well as damage this thing is right in the swamp it’s great at handling the slimes it knocks them back so they can’t poison you it handles pretty much everything it’s just a really good weapon all around it also parries a little bit but you know.

Kill Massive Groups Of Enemies

It’s not that great appearing really great for kiting so you can just kite large groups run a little bit and then kind of swing sometimes you get hit once but it doesn’t matter really because you’re going to kill massive groups of enemies pretty easily in this thing operating we think it takes bones as well but it doesn’t even matter right it doesn’t even matter this thing early on is just a beast all around it’s great for events as you can plainly see we am pretty weird for this one but even so we would just run around the corner and heal with my honey like we always do anyway and it’s just a piece of weapon that doesn’t get the respect it deserves there’s an upgraded version of this later in the game called the sledgehammer which we haven’t used a lot yet.

Looking For Iron

If you’re looking for Valheim Iron Native Gamer you’re struggling a bit then that’s a great way that you can find some extra iron in your worlds so the gray dwarf mobs are a little bit annoying in the game you probably know that but one thing that you may not have known is that when you’re fighting the elder boss grey dwarfs will actually heal the elder boss so if you start damaging it and there’s a load of grey dwarfs around you’re going to find it hard to kill it because it’s going to keep on taking healing from these gray dwarfs so if you’re fighting the elder boss do make sure that there’s no great horse in the area and if there are be sure to kill them otherwise he’s going to you know to heal the boss and that’s just not good.

The next thing that we were not aware of until quite recently is that you can actually turn vegetation down in the settings under the graphics section put it right the way down to low and you’ll see when you do that my goodness finding mushrooms and like raspberries and things like that is actually so much easier so if you are struggling and when you’re out exploring stuff this is definitely something we think you should consider you can see how much that cleared the land we mean if we look at it now how flattened stuff this is how easy it is to see everything we go back into the graphics and put that one up too high then this is it’s a big difference.

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