Top 10 Fortnite Skins Fans Regret Purchasing!

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There are a lot of skins in for tonight and while I’m pretty happy with most of my purchases in-game there are some skins that we here at top-5 gaming regret purchasing whether we only use that once or we just bought it on-site and don’t like the skins compared to some of the newer ones there are some fortskins in for tonight that I’m pretty sure most for night players wish they could just get their money back full but can’t you do that already no not really Fred what have you sold you getting banned is not epic alright well let’s just get down to it and use that code t5g baby.

1. Mecca Team Leader Fortnite Skin

The mecca team leader during season nines big event which was arguably the most ambitious live event today the big robot at pressure plan was activated and fought off a huge one-eyed monster that was trying to destroy the island everyone was secretly hoping that these two characters would be turned into item shop skins and luckily when the event ended we all returned to the lobby the mecha team leader skin was right there waiting for us unfortunately the catice monster was not turned into his skin most fans still buzzing from the hype of the event spent all their bee books on the new skin almost immediately realized that well it’s terrible sure it’s super unique but it feels like something you buy from a gift shop and then forget about basically this kid is just huge and when you run around with it equipped in battle royale you stick out like a sore thumb I don’t think I’ve actually seen anyone in the wild wearing the skin in the walk almost everyone who bought it regrets it and let’s be honest most of us already used up all our refund tokens years ago that is just a shame.

2. DJ Bop Fortnite Skin

The item shop back in season 7 and she seems to be the female version of DJ yonder who was a season 6 battle pass kid although DJ yonder is an epic rarity skin and well PJ bob is not in fact Bob is a legendary outfit which means she costs a massive two thousand v bucks just look at her does she look like a skin to work mm v bucks no not only that but it’s just kind of a mess skin in general sure when she first came out of ten if people thought she looked kind of cool of butter but most of them regret it now considering all the other skins they could have gotten for that amount of V bucks she’s also just really flashy and easy to spot from far away on the battlefield there isn’t really anything good about this skin because she’s just a generally trash thing that people bought because it was cool for about I would say like something like four seconds I mean people say she’s a furry I’m not against the furries but I’m also not really a fan another thing to note is what exactly is going on with these glasses this skin is just hideous like mm v bucks for this I really hope anyone who bought this had a refund token left because it is a yikes.

3. Crackabella Fortnite Skin

Crackabella came out we were all pretty much horrified I mean just look at those eyes if that isn’t nightmare fuel I don’t know what is she’s one of the weirdest looking skins on the game and colors and just everything about her is so bland and really does not fit with any theme of any season never released before tonight she’s so different to a ton of skins and while some people actually somehow like that a lot of people who bought crack Abela definitely regret doing so hopefully they bought her using code t5g because that would make it at least a little bit acceptable now luckily she wasn’t legendary but she was epic and man I really do not see anyone using their important I like have you ever seen someone in Florida with crack a Belle Equipe does anyone even have her in their locker is that a thing it just feels like they spend more time designing crack shot like I don’t know what happened with crack about like.

4. Rabbit Raider Fortnite Skin

Rabbit Raider is one of those old skins basic skins that came out in the early days of Florida it first released during Easter of 2018 and on the very first day it came out the skin was extremely bugged and glitched all over the place for the people who had it equipped almost making you stretch around like stretch frezz there there it is again it was like this for almost a week until Fortnight claimed to fix the visual glitch in a patch although people still got the bug for months afterwards and it was clear that anyone who bought rabbit Raider was pretty regretful about not to mention that we’ve only had two Easter since it was released but it’s coming to the shop like eight times so is it even a holiday skin the design itself isn’t that much of an eyesore but the bugs along with the fact that you can only really wear this during the Easter holidays makes it a pretty dreadful skin for anyone who bought it also if you use rabbit Raider will tilt the town was the thing in season ten and you’d end up looking like Jason Voorhees and that ladies and gentlemen is pretty funny.

5. Cipher Fortnite Skin

The skin and realize why anyone who bought this thing definitely regrets doing so I mean this is this is cipher and it’s not even a cool skin like bill cipher it’s just some trashy futuristic skin that looks like someone who’s cosplaying for a comic-con or something it was released in season three when most skins were pretty dull to anyone who bought this so anyone who bought this might have thought it looked cool compared to the other outfits at the time but now in 2019 we have skins like the zero skin or the storm trooper this whelp is not really competing too well doesn’t look too great cipher is actually the female version of something this isn’t even the worst of it fasten your seat belts it gets even worse unless you somehow actually like the look at the skin.

6. Ranger Fortnite Skin

There are a few controversial skins and cosmetics which have been called out for being just three skins recolor zouri textures and then sold separately from the original thing that they were based on a good example of this is the gunner backplane which is one of the most controversial cosmetics to come out in the game’s history the back wing was released separately in an item shop and after backlash epic removed it permanently from the game now let me show you this skin introducing Ranger this skin is basically just the default skin with some different colors although when it came out people didn’t really care and some players actually bought this thing for 800 v bucks a year ago this became one of the rarest skins in the game but then epic decided to bring it back again and again and then again to the point where it’s now been an item shop a total of nine times so it really isn’t that rarity so if you bought Ranger you’d end up regretting it either because it’s not rare anymore or because it’s just a blatant default skin retexture that you bought for 800 B bucks which could have been spent on an epic emote or something you’re gonna have to take the loss on this one if he bought the skin yet see Ikes.

7. Zoe Fortnite Skin

Zoe was one of the most broken skins ever released in Fortman she was available in the season for battle pass if he reached tier 47 and is a pretty basic skin not many people used her but knocked over of 20:18 a select few people figured out that there was a massive bug with Zoe if you’ve had a Zoe equipped in a match then the further away the enemy was the harder it was for them to see at some points the Zoe skin was literally invisible like her entire character was just invisible as a bug that happened to pretty much everyone who equipped it people quickly abused a bug in you Zoe in every match before Epic Games caught on and disabled her while they work to fix it she was disabled for a week or two and anyone who had her was not able to use the skin and would be given a big padlock icon on Zoe in their locker if you were a Zoe main it sucks to be you.

8. Flytrap Fortnite Skin

Flytrap is a legendary skin that was released back in season four and he’s probably one of the worst looking item shop skins on the market especially at a heartbreaking price of 2,000 B bucks flytrap is a burden upon anyone who ever buys him I mean just look at him he looks like a failed superhero flytrap looks like if a vampire tried to cosplay as a cabbage it does not fit very well I feel bad for anyone who bought flytrap because that is just horrifying of one of the highest prices you can even pay for cosmetic make sure you don’t accidentally buy this thing next time it appears in shop although there is an on do purchase button thankfully arm will mention.

9. Cuddle Team Leader Fortnite Skin

The cuddle team leader why are they on this list you might be asking well it’s inaudible mentioned because this involves all versions of the cuddle team leader people who originally bought the cuddle on her first release for Valentine’s Day may have been excited but then in fortnight ended up releasing fireworks team leader which cool it’s the same character with a different design but another 15-under of e-books then people who bought those skins would have been happy until the Panda team leader was released at that point it’s starting into a joke now they bought three versions of the same skin and then what’s that spooky team leader how many of these are there jeez it’s like 7,000 V books in total for four skins that are the same thing with different patterns on the costume I can’t that is a scam come on.

10. Circuit breaker Fortnite Skin

Circuit breaker Fortnite Skin is the male version of the cipher skin and it is 100% the worst looking skin in poor tonight history it’s awful it’s gross it’s boring it’s bland did I tell you it was awful oh my god anyone who bought this they definitely regret stood by that he was added in season two so anyone who bought it at the time had a bit more sense than anyone who chooses to buy this thing now in 2019 luckily it’s not as big of a scam as other skins as this only cost twelve hundred bucks but that’s still a lot for such a trash design.

11. Skull Trooper Fortnite Skin

The skull trooper school trooper is both one of the most demanded skins in four-night history but also one of the most complained about purely because all the people who used to own it before it rereleased thought it was oh gee and began to argue with the players who bought at the second or even third time it came back into the shop originally school trooper came out during the first-ever fort nightmares in 2017 alongside bull trooper and the following year he was considered one of the rarest skins in the game due to the fact that no one really bought him during his first appearance almost every single reply to a fortnight social media post during the summer of 2018 was a demand to bring back school trooper with those who already owned him.

He should stay rare by the time fortnight mares 2018 came around skull trooper Fortnite skin was brought back into the item shop and many many people bought it like a ton of people those who got him originally before his rerelease were mad because it was no longer considered og in epic games decided to give them an exclusive variant by now both sides were pretty happy with themselves although a lot of fans who bought the skull Shubert during 3 release realized that he wasn’t as gray as he used to be in the hype train around him just ended with people focusing more on phone exclusives renegade Raider and ghoul trooper then when Fort nightmarish 2019 came around those who had bought the skull trooper were slapped in the face even harder when he returned for a third time he was officially declared a trash skinned did anyone even buy school trooper this time run most people were focused on buying bull trooper this you’re making school trooper well just a regular old skin at this point what was once a great oh gee skins to show off to your friends is now another boring Halloween skin I wonder what the next outfit will be that everyone goes crazy over but how do you feel about epic bringing back east I feel like it’s not sticking Trude with people that helped fortnight take off from the very beginning.

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