Nikon’s new Coolpix P1000 Review

Nikon's new Coolpix P1000
Ryan Lucas
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Are you looking for a camera that can shoot up to long distances? Then surely superzoom camera is the ideal option for you. Superzoom or precisely known as ‘bridge’ cameras have crazy zoom lenses with large focal lengths.

In the recent years, many superzoom cameras with magnified zoom power of 50x were introduced, which was further enhanced by camera with 65x zoom power.

Powerful Optics

Nikon has always thrived to provide powerful optics to its users with versatile image capturing options. In this regard, Coolpix P900, a landmark camera for Superzoom series was a pioneer product of Nikon, with an astonishing 83x zoom range and focal length of 24-2000mm.The camera was highly appreciated by photographical enthusiasts and wild life photographers.


Nikon further modified this superzoom camera and introduced a modified version of P900. The Nikon Coolpix P1000, carries the name of its predecessor and comes with an enhanced and improved focal length of 24–3000 mm and   even a crazier yet amazing 125x optical zoom.


The camera provides astonishing results with the enhanced 3000 mm focal length, with a really long lens. The camera has the ability to shoot at an amazing distance of 70m.


The image sensor of the camera is based on 16MP, 1 / 2.3 “BSI-CMOS sensor. However, the sensor operation is slightly slow as the camera has been designed for long distance shooting.


The main plus points of the camera include UHD 4K / 30p video capture ability and hit shoe support. To add on the camera provides a highly accurate focus system giving the user exact focus for his desired views.

Image Stabilization

The most impressive features for the camera include the image stabilization technology powered by D ‘Dual Address’ Optical Image Stabilization. The camera is a sure thing to provide blurred and distortion free images for long distance shoots.

Recording Format

The camera is a landmark in the respect that it has incorporated RAW recording format, a feature that is an integral part for distance shooting.


The camera chains an improved OLED viewfinder with 5.36M-dot. To add more, view your shoots instinctively on the spot with the ultimate built in fully articulated 921k-dot LCD, 3.2 ” screen.


The camera also enables the utmost excellent features to seize your special moments by using 7 fps continuous shooting, providing a very good option for capturing wild life and sports photography.


The camera provides a very solid Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. The Bluetooth connectivity is powered by Snapbridge for instant, swift image and reliable image sharing.

Capture shots all day as the camera comes with high power and effective rechargeable battery with CIPA markings to provide 250 shots per charge for all day photography experience.

Nikon Coolpix P1000 is certainly the ultimate and leading contender for super camera series, it can be described as a vital tool for wildlife and sports photographers. The powerful camera with its amazing specs, is somewhat rather expensive than other compact and DSLR camera. But nevertheless, if you are looking to shoot at distances, then positively the camera is worth it.

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