Improving your mechanical game sense in Fortnite

We’re going to be starting off with mechanical so mechanical game sense is a bit of an interesting one since it’s really all about fighting which most of us kind of do intuitively and when we’re in fights we really don’t think too much while we’re doing it at least that’s the case for most players with that said learning the most effective techniques and strategies for fights in order to improve your mechanical game sense is really going to come down to learning the most effective techniques strategies and really building them to be something intuitive and honestly a lot of this is simply going to come from learning new techniques and from gaining fighting experience.

Just think about it when you look at all these pro players what do they do to practice fighting to practice fighting they literally just practice fighting non-stop over and over again building up a skill like fighting getting used to all sorts of situations you can run into primarily comes down to simply while fighting as well as that of course you’re going to want to learn and practice new techniques which is why it’s super important to stay up to date with new creative maps and general techniques that come out in the community but if you focus on practicing techniques on a consistent basis as well as simply grinding out fights through methods like realistic 1v1s and arena you should be in a really good spot.

When it comes to improving your mechanical game sense and reviewing some of your gameplay as well can give you a really good idea of what to improve for the future moving on to the next form of game sense though which is rotational and this one is definitely what stumps a lot of players understanding advanced things like zone mechanics how to rotate when and how to take fights and all that sort of stuff can definitely seem like a lot for a newer player generally when it comes to rotational game sense a lot of it is going to come from playing things like tournament matches and potentially scrims and really just getting a feel for how certain rotations pan out in real games with rotations and everything involved in this form of game sense there’s really no way to simulate it properly and creative which is why it’s so important to play the actual game to improve your rotational game sense.

If you play something like a scrim match or a tournament match and then you go back into replay mode and review your rotations and kind of get a good understanding of what happened and what you could have done better and then you do this on a consistent basis with the goal of improving you should be well on your way to having insane rotational game sense another thing i recommend you do for this is to watch a bunch of pro players especially in things like solo cash cups and try to figure out how they tend to rotate through different zones when they’re typically going to take fights when they use their mobility and things of that nature watching pros is such an underrated way to improve your game sense.

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