Best Basketball Shoes For Flat Feet

People who do not have an arch in their feet have flat feet. Having flat feet is quite common and many people around there have flat feet it nothing like a surprise. The only problem with flat feet people have that the activities like running, jumping, and playing volleyball or basketball may cause them excessive pain.

So the people with flat feet need a pair of comfortable shoes because they are continuously running in the court. These shoes have a soft sole that does not hurt or cause any excessive pain.

Ankle support is required because most of the player get ankle injury. Before buying the shoes you must keep in mind a few points. That it keeps the foot stable inside the shoes, does not increase the temperature, soft sole, and ensures the protection of the ankle. Some of the best Basketball shoes are given below.

Nike Zoom Evidence II

Nike shoes are one of the best shoes for flat feet players. The shoes are extremely comfortable and very light in weight. You don’t get tired of wearing them all day. The sole of the shoes is made up of Phylon that gives comfort and extreme support to the feet. The shoes come up with high pads that prevent the player from slipping in the court. The shoes are best for both indoor and outdoor activities because it has a rubber sole. Nike shoes also provide ankle protection.

Adidas NCO Cloudfoam IIation

The shoes are affordable and highly breathable. It does not increase the temperature inside the shoes. The shoes have soft cushioning that provides comfort and ease to the feet. The shoes boast a padded ankle that allows the ankle to stay stable. The players give very positive feedback about the Adidas shoes. The shoes are light in weight and provide comfort and stability to the player.

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